Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

So this happened.

I took a short break from the CSM to do a side project for a friend. See, this guy loves Toy Story and saw this picture and though of me. Ok so he though that if he an I had a kid, this is what they would be into. Perhaps he is right, but we'll never know.

This was my first time painting purple and I did a really half-assed job about it. I just did Liche Purple down at the FLGS but that looked too dark. I don't own any purple paints and I had already left the store. I did some hard edge highlighting with Mithril Silver on some parts then washed it with some Lerviathan Purple that I forgot I had. The effect is far from satisfactory.

The white is just Astronomican Grey with a wash of Badab Black then highlighted with a 2:1 mix of Skull White and  Astronomican Grey just on the hard edges.

I also phoned in the green. It's just Snot Green, Babad Black wash then more Goblin Green. I usually take greens a little more seriously, but didn't see the need for it here.

I hand painted on the firing button on his right arm and the green things on his hands. I tried to paint the buttons on his chest but they did not turn out very well.

The face and metal are my typical skin and metal. I'll detail these later.

The base is ArmorCast, I think. It's metal and I got a bunch of them back in the day for my Deathwatch Kill Team. I wish the marks on the diamond plate stood out better.

I posted the mini over at CMON just for fun. This is not really a good test of my painting and photography skills but it is neat and a little cool. Also, it'll be fun to see how it stacks up against my other stuff.

I did a quick Google search and found some people that take this more serious that I ever will. There are some amazing drawings and minis out there.

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