Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On The Table Now - IW Icon Bearer and Special Weapons

It's been too long since an update and I aim to keep this blog current. However work and life intercede to prevent epic post like the 1k Sons one (I really enjoyed that and look forward to doing my other cult troops up in a similar fashion). At least once a week is a good schedule even if it little State of the Hobby things like this.

I what I am working on right now are 5 Iron Warrior marines. I already have a bunch done (20 or so) but lack specialists like melta, flamers and icon bearers. I have one of each of those all but done. All that I am waiting on is the backpacks. Also, there is the sole terminator icon bearer I'll ever need. I'll detail the conversion when I finish it and get some pictures.

Also, still on the table are Huron and that damned Warsmith. I have not done a thing to them since I started this blog. I have one other thing that I want to finish before I start on them and those are the weapons for my Storm Raven. Once those are done I'll knock those two models out.

The thing that holds me up on the Warsmith is that I want to do a servo harness conversion and am having trouble deciding how to do it. I have three servo harnesses (one metal normal one, one metal thunderfire cannon one and resin regular one) and I can't figure out just how I want it to look. The main body of the model is finished. I just need to do the accessory parts and figure out what it is going to count as.

Also, I took the CSM out for a game last weekend and lost against Chaos Daemons. I doubt that I'll do a Battle Report on it as I lack pictures and a turn by turn summary, but I'll do one in the future. I want a rematch against that list with my CSM only with a different list. I'll compare and contrast those two missions.

Also on the growing list of things to do for this blog, is an article about what a conversion is and what it isn't and defining some terms. I made a post on another message board about this topic for insight, but have not fully processed it yet. I wish I had gotten a better response.

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  1. EDIT: All finished and read for clear coating. They turned out really well.