Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fallout Enbargo

The only thing that I want for x-mas
Up until now, my habit is to look for Fallout news and videos every day. I have been reading Reddit habitually as well as the boring official stuff from Bethesda. Until earlier this week, I would have said that there were few people that better informed than I in Fallout news.

There were some leaked photos from a Spanish gamer this week and that was the first unofficial leak. Most of the pics were hi-res and of things like Dogmeat or buildings. I didn't think that anything could be spoiled this soon but I was wrong.

Soon after that leak came many more. I watched a few videos an immediately ran into quest spoilers. In an effort to play Fallout 4 unspoiled, I have sworn off any Fallout news until after the game drops.

"Spoiler alerts" generally annoy me. I feel like if you don't want to see spoilers, then it is your responsibility to avoid them. It is not the responsibility of everyone else to protect you. To that end, I have stopped my searching for Fallout 4 news.

In related news, I had placed my order for Fallout 4 and the Season Pass through Green Man Gaming. It looked like a reputable site and it had the best price that I found. After I paid them and the money came out of my account, I started to get nervous as I did not have anything in hand to show for them having my money. My fears were abated yesterday when they emailed me my Steam codes. Everything went smooth and I was even able to preload the game in anticipation of November 10th.

The only downside now is that I have work on Nov 10th and 11th. My first full day won't be until the 12th.

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