Friday, October 30, 2015

Played a game, short update, rant

Have done zero painting since the cultists. Sorry, Greg. I am not painting my stuff either.

What I have been doing is playing lots of X-wing. Mostly with my buddy Charles who I got into the game but also once with a very good player Dan. For the most part, I have been having a great time. The games are fast (about an hour per 100 points) and brutal. 

What I dislike about the game is the same thing that I don't like about 40k. The people. I am not the most socially graceful person but gamers in general and specifically mini and war gamers make me look like Cloony. Rude, irrational, loud, unfunny, rules lawyers and bad losers. That is why I tend to play a lot of games with very few people. 

When I can't find those people or have run out of spoons to deal with a large group of people doing their best impression of a daycare, I play video games. 

Lately I worked my way through Wolfenstein: Old Blood once and now twice on a harder level and for achievements. Love that game. It is as beautiful as it is brutal. I love the utter insanity and the  throwback levels.

There was also a Steam sale so I picked up all of the Bioshock series for $20. I missed this series when I came out back in the day and now regret it. It is awesome. I love the Art Deco style but don't have much time to admire it as I am scared out of my mind most of the time. No place is safe and the first time I meet a Big Daddy I may scream. 

I am having some difficulty ruining these games on Windows 10 and the new computer. I have had to get creative with how i run them. Many need to be played in a window but my new rig can handle it. 

We are less than 2 weeks from Fallout 4. There and many copies out there for advance unboxing of the Pipboy editions and someone has leaked screen shots. I am having to be careful about how obsessively look for news to avoid plot spoilers. Mostly there is idiotic speculation and nerdrage out there

I bought a Steam code through Green Man Games. It makes me nervous to have paid my money and not have a code in hand but GMG seems like a reputable place. I assume that I'll get a code closer to release date. It would be really nice if I could preload the game so I can play it right away. 

Even if it was preloaded, I doubt that Nov 10th will see much Fallout 4 time as I have to work that day. I am off the 11th and 13th though and you can find me at my desk for sure.

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