Monday, November 9, 2015

Final Fallout 4 Countdown

I am doing some of the final work on my computer getting it ready for Fallout 4. Part of that is checking how my rig fairs against the recommended system requirements. I wanted to build a computer with the expressed goal of playing Fallout 4 and bought the best computer that Dell could build with few exceptions. The system requirements were not out until very recently.

I did some checking and my system stacks up pretty well. I should be able run Fallout at 1920x1810 pretty easily. That is good because that is about the highest resolution that my poor old eyes can take.

The main bottleneck is my GPU which is sad because I have a pretty sweet GForce GTX 960. There is a gaming version with twice the memory. In retrospect, I wish I could have bought the stock GPU and then upgraded to the Geforce 960 4GB later. I think that this upgrade will have to happen eventually to play upcoming games.

My painting station and computer station is in the basement and the light down here is not good. There are several fluorescent bulbs handing that provide harsh light. When I turn them off, I can't see my keyboard or what is on my desk. To solve this, I bought a $10 USB light with a dimmer and used an old USB extension cord. I positioned the light in such a way that it casts light on my keyboard. Pretty cheep solution. It balances pretty well with half of the keyboard on the USB extention and the other half on my painting station.

I also updated my GPU drivers and DLed "Nvidia Geforce Experience" which is a slightly unnecessary program that optimized gameplay for certain games. I had tried to DL the new driver the old way by going to the website but was not able to get it to install properly.

With almost 6 hours to go until I can play, I am pretty on edge. I am scheduled to work the next two days and that is going to be rough. My tentative plan is to try to go to be early tonight so that I can play for an hour or two before going to work tomorrow. Then I'll have some time tomorrow after work to play. Wednesday after work starts three days off. I'll be sure to have some wine and pizza on standby.

My eagerness and urgency to play is driven not only by my Fallout obsession but also by the desire to avoid having the first playthough spoiled any further than it already has been. The internet is a dangerous place.

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