Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On the table now - Bloodcrushers

 The Blood Crushers are coming along. I made a mistep on the basecoat step by starting with Mechrite Red and then giving a light dry brush of Evil Suns Scarlet That made for a base color that was not easily to be touched up. After I ashed the recesses and brass areas, I tried to touch up the read areas but my touch ups were brighter than the unwashed red areas. FML. 

I also noticed that while painting the Defkoptas, that the Agrax Easthshade was cracking in areas where it pooled and leaving a white film when it dried. I tried to take some pics but was not successful. In either case, a little Nuln Oil fixed it but it is a pain to need to wash something twice. This pot did move across the country with me so maybe it got too hot or cold. Regardless, I am halfway through this pot so may just bear it for now. 

I also tried a purple lighting on the eyes and vents on the chest by painting those areas White Scar and washing it Leviathan Purple. It did not work out well even after I touched it up. I need to make better friends with purple as I have with blue. 

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