Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh GW, it is like you are not even trying any more

For YEARS, many of us wanted a bits pack with decent-looking combi-weapons in them so we would not have to cut up a flamer and glue it haphazardly to a bolter. GW through that I would be a good idea to make our dreams come true by cutting up a flamer and haphazardly gluing it to a bolter.

The combi weapons are awful except for the melta which is a direct cast of the one from Space Marine Captain sprue. The flamer and plasma are little better than even the most untalented hobbist could do with 5 min of effort. I think anyone could do better than the combi-flamer really. What is it with GW wanting to make spindly little bits that hand off their minis then make them out of a material that make glass look like steel.

Speaking of poorly cast garbage, didja notice the lightning claws. For starters they are just the old Lightning Claws from the Veteran Mk1 box and they are what may be the most ugly claws that GW has ever made. They were ugly then and they are ugly now. And why do they include shoulder pads? The one with the paper nailed to them is not a good look. If they did bare shoulders then we could use our special shoulder pads or at the very least not be suck with the nailed paper.

And did anyone notice that they are MISCAST IN THE PROMOTIONAL PHOTO! What does that say about your product, GW? "Here is the best possible example of what these bits can look like. Ignore that they are crap." You are not filling me with confidence in Finecast or your commitment to quality. That photo says to me  that those claws are worthless.

Ok let's find something positive.

Ron Swanson hates your BoLS.
The Heavy Flamer does not suck. In fact, it is rather good. It is nice to have a good-looking Heavy Flamer that you do not have to convert for a power armored Marine to use. Our only resource for this prior to this bits pack was the Flamer from the Terminator box and that required a little time and skill to convert properly.

I do not know what I think of the Heavy Bolter. It is a different look from the one in the Devastator box because it lacks the belt feed. It looks a lot like the one in the Scout box. I don't know it is superior to either of the plastic ones though. It is not the big selling point for the kit.

Overall, GW could have dome some awesome things with this kit but really fell flat. It has a heavy price tag ($13.50) for what is only 3 bits that are worth a damn. At half that price, it would be a hard sell.

To further the dissapoint, BoLS tried really hard to cover these crappy bits but failed. Some who dislike my criticisms of the vapid and vacuous Bell, criticize me in turn saying that if I do not like it then I should produce something better. Despite being a raging ad hominem logical fallacy (distracting from addressing the face that BoLS produces nothing but garbage by attacking me), I actually do produce articles of higher quality than they do. This subject is a prime example.

My humble article is just a few paragraphs but it addresses the salient points and give pros and cons of the kit. while the BoLS article is little more than a link and a caption. They have become too complacent and think they can get away with "reporting" the news in this manner and letting the comments generate the content for them. It's really sad that they think it is ok to half-ass it so much. The mighty have fallen and they can not pass from this earth soon enough.

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  1. "Here is the best possible example of what these bits can look like. Ignore that they are crap."