Monday, September 10, 2012

Finished - Beat your swords into Assault Cannons

This guy started out as a bad joke. Keith had a Wolf Guard with an Assault Cannon attached to his Grey Hunter squad out in front to soak fire. I hit him with a single plasma shot and killed him because he failed his 5+ Invul save. I told him that he should have thrown a Storm Shield on him. Then we talked about him having his AC tucked under his SS like a spear. I was able to kind of do this with the Assault Cannon from the Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminator and the Storm shield arm that was the most tucked in. I am mostly satisfied with how it came out and did not want to force it any further. 

I forgot to paint his side shields on his thighs in a pattern so had to tear his torso off and repaint them in Long Fang black and white. You can't see it here, but I am mostly satisfied with them too. 

I wanted all my Long Fangs to look old just like I wanted all my Blood Claws to look young but missed the mark a little here. I liked the braid hanging out as if he was spinning around to confront a foe and thought that painting the hair white would be enough to make him look old. It was not.

On second thought, I am to most often attach him to a squad of Grey Hunters and not Long Fangs so why did I paint him those colors? I could rip him apart and change his again but fuck that noise. Those black and white spikes are friggen hard to paint. 

I don't know that I will field this guy regularly, but I love how the mini turned out. 



    Nailed it.

    1. Thanks. I worry that I missed the mark.

    2. The only thing that wold have made it perfect would have been a round shield like a classic hoplong but this is right up there for awesome as is.