Monday, June 11, 2012

Hatin on BoLS - Someone has to stop Brent

There are few things that I love more than hating the slockmeisters over at Bols. The heinous head honcho being Goatboy. No one produces more garbage than he does and for that he is damned. His second in command is Brent. Though he is not a prolific in he excrement excretion as the Goat, he manages to make up for that by writing some of the worst articles I've ever seen.

I've ripped on Brent before on this blog many times and on his posts. His most recent pile of steaming crap is what I can only hope is his first step on the road to recovering from his idiocy. He points out how the guys over at BoLS have nothing to write about until 6th Ed drops and yet they keep writing. It ends with a lame attempt to crowdsource content by asking what people expect out of 6th.

How is this worth reading? What's more, is it not more than a little hypocritical to point out how he has nothing to write and yet to continue writing nothing. Why not just write nothing?

For starters, I have to disagree with the main premise of Brent's post. There is lots to write about in 40k, but he is too lazy to put any thought or effort into writing it. There is 30 years of history, novels, tactics, painting, etc to write about. Brent and his ilk are so focused on the new shiny so much so that without anything new, they can't generate any content.

They can post unfunny comics and caption contests. Those things are proven to generate hits and comments for them. They want hits because it lets them sell ad space and generate revenue. And thus BoLS become a self-perpetuating crap machine no better than the local news that exists only to sustain its own existence.

BoLS used to be the place to go for news and original content like the pre-heresy codex and the gods of war (I would link to them, but do not want to waste the time looking them up). Now when they report on something it is littlemore than a link to something that someone else has written with no critical analyses or real thought put into it at all. Just look at any of their coverage of new Forge World products.

BoLS has lost the ability to produce anything original or worth reading at all and I think they are seeing that for the first time. They are circling the drain and while it makes me sad that they will not be around much longer to hate on, I'll be glad when they go away. Maybe then, douch bags will have one fewer place to congregate.

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