Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the table now- GK Brother-Captain and Necron

The big bad black Grey Knight is closing in on being done. I mostly like his pose but there are some awkward elements to it. The storm bolter does not fully fit in the groove where it is supposed to be and therefore rides way far forward. It is really only apparent if you look for it. He has some purity seals on his halberd that you can't see in the pic. I get the feeling that the weapon was meant to be held in the upright position so that the purity seals drape off of it. In the horizontal position, it looks off. Not bad just off. This is also the guy that needs a hug

I've started on my Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark. The bits you see before you are the pilot. Long ago, I decided to paint my Necrons in an unusual way that is different from how I've painted my Marines to this point. I started with a Calathan Brown base coat and then stippled on Blood Red and Blazing Orange in overlapping coats. On the top layer, brown, red and orange should all be visible.

I then paint on Charadon Granite on the edges in a chipped fashion. Those areas then get the treatment of some metal usually Chainmail. The whole model gets washed in Devlin Mud. The metal bits are touched up with Mythril silver and the rusted bits are touched up with Blazing Orange. 

I've had people make all kinds of comments about the paint. Few people this it looks a lot like rust. One person said that it looks like what a robot's idea of camouflage would be and I really liked that. I like to think of the rusted bits as organometallic segments while the solid metal parts as their entirely synthetic technology. 

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