Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finished - Vets with power weapons

The best conversions are the ones that look like no conversion at all. Ok so these are less of a conversion than a bits swap. Everyone has had either and arm or a weapon swapped out and are the better for it.

The guy on the far left has been sitting in my bits box for three years. I bought him while I was on a trip on a whim, then never painted him. I ended up swapping his sad old mace for a power maul from the plastic Dark angel box. It is a little long but looks much better.

The gentleman in he center had a chainsword but I replaced that with one of the hundreds of GK power weapons that are laying about.

Guy on the right is the MKII Vet power fist guy, but he jimmy-jacked a Space Wolf for his power sword and now has a shiny new trophy. the model looks great but all of these guys are pains in the butt to get into GW foam.

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