Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Organizing thoughts for epic Grey Knights post

I'm blog fading and I know it. Lots of things to do, little time, a new lady. all that means that posting rate is going to drop. It is not intentional. It is not you TMM Blog. It is me. It is my fault.

In my posting silence, I have been formulating how I want to write about the Grey Knights. Up until now, I have only written about single models or specific units. I have not tackled something as big as a whole army. I'll admit, I have bit off more than I can chew in this regard, but you know what they say about how to eat an elephant?

Start one bite at a time.

Ok so, no one says that, but I just did. Consider yourself coined Mr Phrase.

My plan for detailing the GK is to chop them up into manageable bites. I want to start with an overview to talk about the origin, history, basic structure and current mission. After that I want to talk about parts of the GK history and structure while at the same time detailing specific units. I want to go through the army and Codex on the same progression as an aspirant would from Initiate to Grand Master. Weird I know. This is getting complicated. Time to make a list.

1. Overview - origin, history, basic organization,
2. Strike Squads and Intercept Squads - aspirant selection, training
3. Purgation Squads - Weaponry
4. Purifier squads - Wargear
5. Terminator/Paladins - What's the difference?
6. Champion/Crowe
7. Brother Captain/Grand Master
8. Special characters

This is just a preliminary list. Reality is likely not to resemble this at all, but it is a start. Now to write that damn overview. To do that I'll have to read the 40k Wiki and Lexicanium as well as the codex. that is a lot of reading and mental digesting. I hope to get it done over the coming long weekend.


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