Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vets approaching completion

Bodies and bases finished. Just have arms to work on.

Getting ready to go on a 8 mile hike up to (but hopefully not into) an active volcano. No time for hobby on the mountain. Next Update in at least 3 days and maybe more.

EDIT: And that update will be actual content rather than these BS "On the Table" posts. While it is important to know what I was working on and when I finish it, I need to generate more content. I have ideas for articles backing up. What I am not doing is sitting down and just writing them. Need to get better about that.

Post que:
1. What is a Conversion?
2. Herohammer - Chaplain and Mephistion: Two sides of the same deadly deadly coin
3. GK Overview
4. SM Vet Sargents

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