Friday, July 14, 2017

Vyndica - Char's Zaku

Every time I start a new portion of the external armor, I think to myself, "Why am I painting the inside of of these armor plates. Then I remember that I am a professional and cutting corners is not my bag, baby.

Even through more than a few of these removable are less than removable, I am still going to paint every surface of this mini. Even though this mini is is not precisely meant to be painted in this manner, I will press on. It is the same reason that I paint my chest plates on Space Marines even though no one will ever see it. I'll know and so will my clients.

The right arm (ironically on the left in the image), has all the internal surfaces painted but not all are removable safety though. The assembly on the left arm (on the right, duh) went faster and I am hoping that I can make more of the armor plates removable.

Next step are those legs. I know how to use them. 

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