Sunday, July 23, 2017

On The Table - Ultramarines Test Minis.

 At this point I'm going almost a month between poets and that's not really acceptable. My main excuse is that the weather is nice in my lovely wife has motivation to do  work on the exterior  of our home. This is cutting into not only my painting time in but also all of my free time. This means that when I do sit down at my paining table are usually don't have the motivation to paint as furiously as I normally do.

 I still have the Char's Zaku  Commission that is about 1/3 finished, the dark Eldard commission that is about 80% finished and the blood bowl nuns that I only started the test model for.  On the back burner is a commission for some Alpha Legion terminators that the deposit hasn't even been paid. All of this on top of my own work and I'm trying to finish.  There's the deathwatch army to flush out for eighth edition,  there's the demon prince of khorne that is about halfway done,  A librarian on a bike that I paid him for a friend, and now these Ultramarines.

 I don't know if I've mentioned that on this blog but my next army and my fourth power armor army will be Ultramarines.  Before ruining any of the Primaris Marines,  i'm going to work out all the kinks of my painting style on some dark vengeance dark angels that have been rehabbed into loyalist Marines.  I did this by removing all of the raised iconography on the left shoulder pads with a Dremel    After that they were basically generic Marines. I found an awesome blue spray paint  to work as a primer and with a little bit of reading and a few mistakes I think I have a good paint scheme for my Ultra Marines.  I'm not gonna set it down in stone yet because I think there's are still some bugs to work out. 

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