Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Finished - Deathwatch Terminator and Bike

These Deathwatch minis are following a similar path to the previous ones in that the work up front seems to take forever. then, at the end, they fly together. I think I am spending a lot of time trying to get the black just right. Once the tone is correct, it really only requires very little hard edge highlighting with grey and it is done. The rest of the details kind of float on that black background which is just what I am going for. 

I think that I have talked about most of the details on these minis. I don't know that I have every talked about the interference paint that I used on Vulkan, the Salamander pelt and the Horrors. I find that a little bit goes a long way. It is supposed to mimic the iridescent look of a beetle shell. I painted it on the Salamander hide on a whim to give it a different look. I did it on the Vulkan mini to just try something different and loved how it made the hide look so I kept using it.

The White Scar model, Suberei, is such a pain in the butt. Some sort of sadist must have designed it. The horse tail talismans are connected by the smallest little pit of plastic imaginable and the one that hangs off the rear by an insane amount. It is like they are begging to be broken off. There is so much detail under and around and behind and beneath other bits that painting after assembling is an utterly insane proposition. The bike itself is not so bad. The spaces at the front of the engine behind the front wheel is difficult to paint. The space above the back wheel under the cargo rack is impossible to clean properly and very difficult to paint.

I hate mold lines and poorly joined bits. This min has some of the worst. The wheels tool a considerable amount of filing to fix those joints. The cowlings above the wheels are impossible to file in some spaces and show the places where it joins really bad.

Also in the complaint department about the bike is the shoulder guard and how it connects to the shield on the rear. WTF, really. Why he needs another blade when he has a Power Sword (and no BPCCW on his profile), I do not know. None of the bits on the back, it seems, have any effect on the rules of the mini. There is nothing in the saddlebag. The shield is for decoration. The knife serves no purpose. Why then does the shouldguard need to be connected to all this other garbage. Don't get me wrong, the bits are awesome but they are all tacked on nonsense. Having the shoulder guard attached to the knife and attached to the shield makes it super awkward to fit that bit in place.

I was conflicted about how to paint the shoulder guard with the White Scar heraldry on it. With all the other Deathwatch Marines I tried very hard to avoid bright colors whenever I could. I internationally painted some colors darker than I precisely wanted in some cases. But White Scars are white, right? White is an insane color to try and paint. You can not highlight it. Period. Usually what I do is paint white as a very pale blue like on this Grey Knight Apothecary. I decided to skip this and just paint it white. No washes or fancy tricks. Just white.

I am not sure how it like it. That's not a euphemism for me not liking it. I honestly do not know how I feel about it. At this point it is a small detail and not worth messing with at this point. I could try a little blue wash to get some definition but I am going to leave it. 

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