Saturday, April 23, 2016

On the table - Something Old, Something New

One of the first posts on this blog (and for some reason, one of the most visited posts) is a post about Thousand Sons. I am in the long long process of adding to the squad with some new bits. I am starting with the Sorcerer before I start with the assembly line of the other 8 or 9 Marines.

I wish I had taken pictures of how the metal Marine started. I got the mini in a lot purchace and it was a piece of garbage. It was missing all the extra bits. No backpack or left arm and the head was deformed. Clearly, someone wanted to do a head swap and gave up. I don't blame them as t is hard to Dremel off a metal head. Fortunately, I have powerful Dremel 4000 with fancy attachments and the most important attachment... Skill. 

I finished the decapitation of the mini and carved out a space for the head. It was hard to make a space without ruining the cowl on the back of the neck of the mini. The pose is a little awkward but only at certain angles. 

Since I was missing a left arm, I was going to swap it for a Bolt Pistol like the other mini, but after noticing that the mini has a holstered pistol on it, I skipped out on a weapon and went for a empty hand. I tried to position it in a sorcerous way but fell short. At least it does not stand out in a bad way. I feel that the focus is drawn away with the sword swap. 

I replaced the axe of this model with the khopesh sword from Kromlech. I a super-glad that I got these and am looking forward to integrating them into the other Marines and Terminators. 

I like the direction that this model is heading. I hope the rest of the crew turns out as well. 

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