Friday, June 20, 2014

On the table now - Skulltaker taker of skulls

  I got this bad boy in a trade on Barter Town. He was painted okay but with a little touch up I think I can get him looking stellar. He is going to be painted in the same scheme as my Bloodletters with two exceptions. His nails, fore and aft, are painted as metal. I should have done his teeth that way too but I did not think it would look good on his face. Also different are the spines on his back. On the Bloodletters, they are painted black. On the Skulltaker, they are red. The reason for this is the skull cape. The black spines would need to be washed black and I worried that I could risk darkening the white skulls too much. The red only needed to be washed red and sepia. 

I also did not think that there was enough skulls on this mini for someone called "Skulltaker." I used two piles of them for him to stand on and tried to incorporate the skulls under his right foot into the mix. It worked mostly but I broke three drill bits trying to drill through it all. In the end I just glued him to the skulls and then drilled through the base and into his foot to pin it. 

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