Friday, January 10, 2014

On the Table Now - Quadgun, Canis and Thunderwolf

In keeping with my promises for 2014, here is what I am working on. 

The Quadgun in the back is made from two halves of a Defiler torso and the reaper auto-cannons from the same kit. The base is the top to an orange juice lid (I'll do a write up on how to make this when I can do a decent step by step), and the "gunner" on the front is a pilot from a Penitent Engine. The only thing left is the gun cowlings left to paint and it is done!

The Thunderwolf on right is the 5th TW I have. It was part of an unexpected trade on Bartertown. I decided to magnetize the rider at the waste so I can use him for a Iron Priest or a Wolf Lord mounted on Thunderwolf later. He just needs a dry brush on the fur and he will be done. 

I just started on Canis Wolfborn and I am really excited about this mini. At first I could have done without it as the doggie looks a little slow. As I paint it, I am falling in love. I held out for the metal model and got it for a good price on BT. It weighs as much as the old metal Dreadnought so if he dies in battle, I can put the mini in a sock and hit my opponent with him. 

I plan on doing a minor conversion on him. the normal pose for the mini has his left arm down by his side and his right arm up in the air. This leaves no hands on the reigns. I know from a few horse riding lessons that one does not need their hands on the reigns at all times as you can use the pommel to tie the reigns, but I would like to have him with at least the illusion that he has a hand on them. I am going to rotate the right arm from up in the air and position it over the reigns. This will also protect those spindly claws from getting damaged. 

We'll see how that turns out. 

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