Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finished - Tau Gun Drones

Just finished these drones. I thought the large flat surface would present a challenge, but it turned out really well. It was a good transition from painting Firewarriors to Crisis Suits. 

I did a little conversion on them by flipping the carbines from vertical to horizontal. Man, I hope they still fit in the the cupolas of the Devilfish.

Further EDIT: They fit in the Devilfish just fine and look sickening.

Even Further EDIT: I have realized that the Drones need more red on them. I may just put a few bands on the antennas or maybe they need some striped on the dome. Can't decide.

I'll wait to value these drones when I have finished more of them . They are hard to place a value on as they tend to come with other minis. They are also really hard ot paint and take a long time. Truly a conundrum. 

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