Monday, April 15, 2013

On the table now - Living Saint and faces

I am working on the Living Saint and am trying something new. This is a beautiful mini and is a joy to paint.

Usually I just do simple faces when I am forced to paint them. Tallarian Flesh, Tanned Flesh, Dwarf Fresh, Ogryn Flesh wash, touch up with Dwarf Flesh. The flesh wash has some red tones in it but I do not typically use any other colors. In almost any advanced flesh painting tutorial, you'll see people mixing in purples, greens and blues into their fleshes.

I touched my toe into this pool by adding some color to the lips with a Mechrite Red base and a light wash of very thin red and some purple paint and wash on the eyes.

I am mostly satisfied with the results. I want to experiment more with this and the Desert Wolves army is a good chance to do that as many of them will be missing helmets.

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