Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On the table now - Grey Hunters and Blood Claws

I've started work on my Troops choices for the Space Wolves army. I am painting them in pairs with one GH and one BC at a time. Usually I paint in groups of 3 or 5 and all of the minis are usually very similar. I want all my Wolves characters into themselves and to this end I am trying to construct and paint each mini uniquely. 

I am trying to keep a few themes going. I want the Grey Hunters each to look like venerable and grizzled warriors. To this end, I have included lots of wolf tails, skulls and decorative shoulder pads. I want the Blood Claws to look like feral and savage young warriors. To represent this, I keep the stripped down with just the most basic wargear that they need. 

I am using a lot of bare heads in this army. The mix may end up being about 1:1. I find this is an easy way to give a mini a lot of personality in a simple way. Also to add to variety, I have tired to paint the squad markings on the right shoulder pad uniquely on each mini. This is hard because I want to use spikey lines as design elements and the variety is quickly exhausted. 

Mostly, I am really happy with how things are coming alone. I have two more on the table now and that means that I am close to having 2 fieldable units. That means I am just two minis away from a legal SW army. WOO!

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