Monday, April 17, 2017

Vyndica - Alpha Legion Lord

Wrapping up on the Alpha Legion CSM Lord for a Vyndica commission. I know that I haven't blogged about this project but it all came together pretty quickly.

The client, jtalley12, posted for an Alpha Legion leader for his army. He didn't give any real direction other than to say that if there were conversions that he would be willing to pay for them "if the price were right." In conversation with him, I confirmed that he wanted the standard blue/green colors and that he wanted a "tactical" look. He didn't really expound on what that meant but I took it to mean that he wanted them to look more like soldiers rather BDSM space demons.

I asked what he wanted and he said he trusted me and I could pick bits. I sent him links to some eBay posts for single Forge World Alpha Legion bits. I found some and, since his deposit just about covered them, I pulled the trigger.

This is when things start to get a little weird. The links I sent were to a bits seller in Germany. While I didn't point this out specifically, I kind of assumed that he looked at everything I sent him and I didn't need to hold his hand and walk him through things. I told him that I would keep him updated once the bits got here.
8 days go by and he asked for an update. I had to tell him that I was still waiting on bits. He seemed confused. I told him that the bits were coming from over seas. He asked if I ordered form Forge World. I had to send him links the Forge World Alpha Legion lots and explain that those were for 10 Marines and costs $55 dollars. Not only was that not what we discussed, was inappropriate for the project but his deposit would not have covered it. It is like he had no idea about the things we had already discussed.

His next question was if there was any way that we could hurry things up. Really? Now it is as if she does not know how shipping works. How am I supposed to make this go faster. Also, there was never a deadline discussed. It is also on my description that I don't work with deadlines. I don't know why I would think that he would have read that if he couldn't be bothered to read things that I actually sent him.

After explaining to him how shipping work and how I am not magic, he calls the whole thing a "pain in the ass." All of these complaints could have been solved by him getting the mini that he wanted painted beforehand or having a plan for getting a mini or reading things that I sent him or paying attention to the conversation. People like this that complain but have no useful ideas or the drive to do anything about the problems make me crazy.

Then he drops off the face of the earth. I haven't hear from him since. The project is pretty much finished and I am sick of this guy. I honestly want to mail him back his mini and never take a job from him again. He posted another project before I started on this one and the drama bomb dropped. I am tempted to cancel it as the frustration is not worth the pittance that the commission is paying.

I am pretty frustrated talking about this so I will cover the painting quickly.

I based the whole mini in Ironbreaker and Runefang Steel. I painted on Biel-Tan Green and Gulliman Blue on the areas that I wanted blue-green. Inbetween washes I drybrushed Runefang Silver and interference paint. I layered the colors until it ended up with a blue-green that I liked. I had to paint on the blue as it was the weaker of the two colors. I made special efforts to make the blue-green uneven to aids the iridescent effect.

The silver areas were just washed black over a silver base. I wanted to give contrast to the blue-green areas but not detract to them.

I added in a base that I had spare from a planned future project in for free. The bits cost me $10 and $5 shipping. I didn't charge this guy for the shipping as I also ordered some bits for myself. I did charge him for the arms and legs that came from my supply at $5 so it even out. I am fully expecting him to ignore me or pitch a fit at the cost. I am not coming out ahead at this point, but also I just want it over. I am proud of my Alpha Legion Lord and he will look fine on my shelf.

Total costs for the model is $15 and the paint was charged at $40. That is about the least that I charge as any less just seems silly. Materials and shipping also come out of that. Total value should be right at $55.

EDIT: I got a little cranky with this client and blew off some steam in this post. It is not professional to be so hateful but I needed to vent frustration. I am glad that I didn't make any rash decisions about canceling the commissions or leaving negative feedback.

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