Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vyndica - Painting Test Mini

I was contacted by Nate from Vyndica, my preferred trading site, saying that he is starting up a service for painters called, oddly enough, Vyndica Paint. He asked if I would like to test run the service for him but painting a single mini. We settled on a Haemonculus with an open timeline. It didn't seem fair to make him to pay to test out his new service so I offered to do it pro bono as long as I had an open timeline.

He linked me to another commission of Dark Eldar and wanted me to try and copy the style. Immediately I knew I was out of my depth. I could tell that the painter was not using Citadel paints. I don't mix paints if I don't have to because I never quite get the colors perfect. Even if no one else notices, I will always know and it irks me.

Nate was nice enough to ask the other painter what his colors were so I could try and match them. As I foresaw, they were not Citadel paints and his techniques differed from mine greatly. I copped to Nate that I would not be able to match the painter's style. Nate graciously gave me the go ahead to paint the mini in my style but try and match it to the other minis in theme if not in execution.

The black cloth and old metals were going to be easy. I've painted enough black and silver to last me a lifetime. I had done a coat of flesh tones on the Heretical Inquisitor converted from Fabius Bile so I was prepared for that.

I really had to think hard about matching those glowing blue/greens. I settled on Sotek Green washed with Gulliman Blue to get me started. I touched it up with SB and may highlight with Temple Guard Blue.

Something else about this particular mini that is driving me crazy, is how it is impossible to paint it after assembling it and there is no way to use any sub-assembly. Each piece needs to be painted completely before being assembled. It is really frustrating. 

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