Sunday, August 9, 2015

Finished - Kaptain and last of the Flas Gitz

Finally, the Gits are done. This was a monster project. In the time it took me to paint a single git, I could have painted 4 Space Marines. The bodies are the size of Nobz and take the same amount of time to paint, but their guns are huge and have layers of armor over them. Once that is done, then there are the thrice-damned back banners. So much detail everywhere.

I spent a little extra time on the Kaptain as is warranted by his station. I most often see people paint the trench coat model with a black coat but I wanted something ostentatious and nothing is more stone-cold pimpin than a purple coat. I really wish the gun did not cover up the front of the chest so it was more noticeable. 

I did a subtle conversion to the base of the model. Under the Kaptain's feet, I glued some extra bits of sprue. This makes his ever so slightly taller than the Gitz that he leads. Another thing I did to make the Kaptain look bigger and more imposing was the addition of Space Marine pauldrons to his already large shoulder guards. I put some dents and dings in them to make them look like battle trophies and then added some spikey bits to the back to Ork them up a bit.

I gave the Kaptain a bigger and shootier gun than the rest of his Gitz. I did him last and so had run out of interesting bits for the ammunition hoppers. I made a drum hopper out of two of the round hand bombs from the Ork Boy kit. I then used a Big Shoota ammo hopper from the Trukk or Battlewagon kit as an external ammo feed. I didn't notice that because of how I mounted it, the bullets are facing the wrong way. I was about to take the knife to it and fix it but then said, "It is Ork-tek. Why not leave it?" 

I gave the gun an additional exhaust on the power plant at the rear of the gun by using a spare barrel and lopping off the sight. I also added some side-mounted single-use rokkits from a chopped up ammo feed. I added a Melta Gun tip the the end of the main gun. Initially I was going to drill it out and use it as a flash suppressor but then left it whole as I do not drill out holes in my Melta Guns. I imagine the secondary gun shooting all the time as a Big Shoota and the main gun firing off giant single blasts. 

I also went all out on his back banner. I used the giant skull that is commonly used for the Kaptain model, but turned it around backwards. I used a glyph from the Battle Wagon and an Ogre Kingdom Belly shield as unique glyphs. Coming out of the foramen magnum (literally "big hole" in Latin) in the back of the giant skull, I took a scope from a Space Marine gun and used it as a Gitfinda/periscope of sorts. at first, this was going to be the only Gitfinda on the model but I could not let the Kaptain go into battle without his little blue buddy. I had to move him from the left to the right shoulder because the little guy was blocking up too much of the scenery. 

I'll make a post featuring all of the Gits and Badrukk when they are clear coated and finished. 

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