Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finished - DakkaJet/Ork flyer

You didn't even know that I was working on a Dakka Jet did you? I traded for this assembled mini on Bartertown for a Vindicators. The guy "accidentally" forgot to send the clear canopy then had the gall to bitch about me taking a few days to ship. I left good feedback for him but only because I thought he was someone else. 

It looked like he based the mini in Mechrite and washed it in Agrax Earthshade. Poorly. There was pooling, dry lines and uneven wash. It was like a checklist of how you are NOT supposed to paint vehicles. I started by retouching the Mechrite but trying to leave the places he managed to wash properly alone. After that, I got the rest of my base colors down. Mordian Blue for the blues, Chaos Black for the black, Mournfang Brown for the golds and Carcharodon Granite for the chips. 

I am not going to go through the painting step by step as it was pretty standard. 

As for conversions, I magnetized all the guns and put in magnets for the bombs. I should be able to swap between the three Ork flyers once I get some bombs painted. When I do my other Ork Flyer, I may just do it as my favorite variant. I also have plans for a Ork A-10 Warthog in the works based on this model

I did a few little conversions. I gave the pilot a red scarf made out of a GK long purity seal and painted it red. It is so long that I could not put on the canopy so I cut a hole for his scarf and magnetized it. Pretty Orky! I was not supplied with the guns to make a complete Dakka Jet so I had to fudge it by making a turret out of some old Ork guns. I like it as it will stand in well for the Grot turret on the bomber. 

The kit retails for $50 which is a steal compared to other flyers. The paint job is pretty good and is worth about $40. There are a few conversions and including bits and magnets should be about $10. I think that this mini should be valued at about $100 in terms of what it would take to replace it. I don't think that I would trade it for less than $150. 

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