Thursday, July 10, 2014

On the table now - Disappointment

This is Reaper mini that I picked up on a trip to a CLGS in Seattle in 2009 for a song. I think he is simply called Gargoyle. He sat in my bits box for 5 years before I got around to painting him. I don't know if that speaks more to the depths of the backlog of the things that need to be painted for my expertise in procrastination.

When I primed this mini, either it still had some wicked-persistent mold release agent on it or the humidity was too high. either way, the primer wanted to rub off at every turn and just getting paint to stick without chipping off was a challenge. 

I painted him Mordian Blue as a base coat. I was going for quick and dirty on this guy, so I drybrushed him Codex Grey and washed him Badab Black. I thought that would be good enough to make him look like living stone, but I am not expert in stone.

As it stands, it looks like crap and that is where I am stuck. It does not look like living stone at all. It looks like some dummy painted it blue, drybrushed it grey and washed it black. Awful. I am tempted to throw it in brake fluid and start over.

But I am not going to. Opportunities like this are good to try out new things. Worst case is that you end up having to strip the model which you were going to do anyway. 

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