Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blood Angles Assault Marines

I took my close combat boys out of their foam form some touch ups. I magnetized the backpacks so I can give them a ride at -35 points thanks to my BA codex. The down side is that the backpacks are damaging the shoulder pads and vica versa. I touched up the respective parts an then gave all the problem areas a coat of Microscale Micro Flat. That is the old school was back when wargamers had to hang on the coat tails the model train kids. 

Now they have to sit out for a few days to make sure they are super-dry. If I did not, then the sticky sides of the problem areas would peal each other apart. So they are riding the bench.

Every one of these models has loads of character. Each one has a unique pose and detailed wargear. I even went so far as to customize their grenades by hacking apart frag and krak grenades and making custom sets. They all have Assault Marine shoulderpads from GW. I have one guy with two axes as CCW with no Bolt Pistol. Just to even things out, I have a guy toting a pair of pistols and no CCW. There is a guy kneeling as if he just landed a low blow and is caught frozen in his backswing. 

But looking back, these are some broken old models. The primer on the older ones is way thick. the paint is sloppy. On more than half, the clear coat is so think, it makes them look like balloon marines. The heavy primer also ruined the grass by making it look like green glass spikes. 

I learned a lot from those broken old boys. How far we have come.  

In other news, I am starting to catalog all my painted minis with details on how many and how awesomely painted. I'm gonna call this one Tiny Metal Men Curriculum Vitae. "For what reason," might you ask and I would say to you, "In case!" I'm all growed up, and it is time to get renters/homeowners insurance. Should a volcano erupt and inflict a lot of unsaveable wounds, I want to be able to get my money, and hopefully my time, back out of what is my second biggest investment (if you don't count my education). To this end, I need to be able to prove what I lost. 

There are at least three boxes of Assault Marines, a box of Death Company and bits from Sanguinary Guard and the kneeling legs from Devistators. There are also a few heads from other ranges like Chaos Warriors and devastators. It is hard to say what this group of minis could be valued at. I'd say that the minis and bits would take $190 and probably twice that for the paint for a total of $510 to replace them.

I think that in the future when I estimate the value of just the minis, I will tell the minimum number of boxes it takes to recreate the unit without the unique bits. In the long run, the left over bits from each unit should make up for the unique bits. There will be a few exceptions for hard to find things like the kneeling legs which I will just estimate from eBay values. 

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