Thursday, August 2, 2012

Finished - Two Drivers And Three Backpacks

My single beaky driver was lonely so I painted him up some friends. I really liked how my CSM Iron Warriors Rhino driver came out and decided to try a similar pose with these two guys. I also really liked the IG tank commander is poking his head out of the top hatch and waving his sword about
Each of the Marines has one hand on the Storm Bolter and the other with his weapon. That made for some awkward angles in the arms. I did one properly by cutting it off at an angle but the other I half-assed it and just glued it on without trimming the shoulder down. That was part laziness and part to make the angle easier and more natural for gripping the Storm Bolter. 

Also, finished are some backpacks for my Grey Knight Justicars. I want to use the flamy backpacks to denote Knights of The Flame in Purifier units. I've already magnetized the backpacks for everyone and this way with the swap of a backpack I can go from Strike Squad to Intercept Squad to Purifiers. 


  1. Totally digging it. The flames look real and the track commanders look good, especially the vision blocks.

  2. Those flames were a pain in the ass. I hate painting fire. I can teach you how to paint those vision slits. It is easy.